Welcome to the web site of the Official Richmond Cheer Squad.

Formed in 1959 by a group of supporters to show their support the Richmond Football Club,  the best team in the Australian Football League, the Official Richmond Cheer Squad is not only the largest Cheer Squad within the A.F.L. But was also the first.

The Cheer Squad is an official part of the Richmond Football Club although it is organized and run by a Committee elected by the members of the Squad. These committee members are not paid by the club and volunteer their time to help support the club that we all love.


Membership for the 2017 season opens on January 1 2017. Please do not submit an application before this day.

2016 Home and Away Season

Cheer Squad seating arrangements for upcoming rounds will be advised to members on our Game Day page as details are known.

Details for 2017 Interstate games will be published shortly.

Run Through making

The Cheer Squad will again be making the run through (banner) each week,usually on a Wednesday night, we may need to change this occasionally to work around bookings in the social club room.  Details will be advised on our News page as they are known.

Cheer Squad Committee Nominations

The end of the Season is fast approaching and its time to start looking forward. The are 3 positions up for election at the end of this year and nominations to fill these positions are now open. If you are interested in being nominated please see Gerard or Alicia to obtain a nomination form.



A Year of Redemption